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  • May 12 2023

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    DLNews Pets: WITH BONES, TREATS, AND 100 GUESTS It's incredible how the relationship between a dog and its owner can be so strong and last for so long. This is definitely the case for Bobi, a furry friend from Portugal who just celebrated his 31st birthday, making him the oldest dog ever recorded! T...

  • May 9 2023

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    A new report shows the number of people between the ages 14 to 21 in the foster-care system has dropped by about half over 15 years - and that the reasons they enter the system are evolving. Researchers from the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that in the Golden State, the percentage of kids enterin...

  • Feb 02 2023

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    DLNews Crime: Three women dead, and four people were injured.   This is the bloody result of a party near Beverly Hills (California). About the perpetrator or perpetrators is not yet known, but the police clarified on Twitter that it was not an acute threat situation. At 2:55 a.m. local time Sunday ...

  • Sep 18 2022

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    LOS ANGELES, CA – Game Changer recently conducted training events in San Diego County and Los Angeles County thanks to funding from the Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Training Center (BJA NTTAC). The funding resulted from technical assistance and training req...

  • Sep 12 2022

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    Rabbi J. B. Sacks, Bill Singer, David Baellow, Ken Halpern, Bill Amplo-Photo by Pat Krause DLNews Staff: Congregation Beth Shalom was founded in 1994 as a modern egalitarian Conservative synagogue affiliated with The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. Our friendly, family atmosphere encourage...

  • Jul 15 2022

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    A new ballot measure to support arts education will go before California voters in November.Proposition 28 would require that 1% of school funding go toward arts and music education. The measure does not provide new money, but rather directs districts to prioritize existing funds."Just as math teach...

  • Jun 18 2022

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    JTFMax- Who is the inventor of Father's Day? The question of the origins of Father's Day has long baffled people. Some say, Harry C. Meek, a mining accident survivor, invented it. Others point to Sonora Smart Dodd, who lost her father in the accident. Regardless of its origin, the day is celebrated ...

  • Jun 08 2022

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    JTFMax At least a dozen people were killed and more than 60 hurt in a minimum of 10 mass shootings this weekend break in the USA. They went to places that were supposed to be safe-- however, a couple of areas in America are not guaranteed risk-free anymore. Some went to graduation parties, a club, a...

  • May 18 2022

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    PALM DESERT, Calif. – The Dr. Carreón Foundation will honor students from area high schools across the Coachella Valley and Blythe, presenting scholarships to the senior Class of 2022 and in-college students who graduated high school in recent years. The banquet will occur at Fantasy Springs Resort ...

  • Apr 08 2022

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    California colleges, especially two-year institutions, are working overtime to attract more students this fall due to a significant drop in enrollment during the pandemic. According to the National Student Clearinghouse, California colleges lost more than 250,000 students from 2019 to 2021. Miguel C...

  • Feb 01 2022

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    The new tool uses government and user-generated data to give customized security scores, including tips on protecting yourself online and at home.   LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2022 -- Security.org, which helps Americans find and compare the best home security, digital privacy, and identity theft products, to...

  • Jan 12 2022

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    A 7% annual increase in consumer prices is Americans' latest bad economic news.   Consumer prices in the US made the most significant year-to-year jump since 1982, the latest sign that rising inflation is negatively impacting working Americans.   According to Labor Department data released on Wednes...