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  • Oct 16 2021

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Community college students in California are being encouraged to take a closer look at their education plans, to see if transferring to a state university makes sense, and new policy changes aim to ease that pathway. The changes are part of a package of higher-education bills G...

  • Oct 01 2021

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    By Suzanne Potter/PNS SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California's eviction moratorium expires today, and advocates for affordable housing are urging people to apply for help to stave off an avalanche of evictions and homelessness. Danita Churchill, a single grandmother from East Palo Alto who fears imminent ...

  • March 17 2021

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    Well, not really, they gave me plenty of notice, so I was prepared. It is a good thing, the City of Desert Hot Springs just improving my road, spreading the black-hot ‘slurry’ onto the 7th Street surface. Now my street will be the most beautiful in the City… for a spell at least. Thanks to the City ...

  • February 3 2021

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    OAKLAND, Calif. - A small, private Catholic college in California is trying to keep students in school by letting their moms and dads also enroll - for free.In Oakland, Holy Names University's new "Parent Promise" program, launched Jan. 12, lets parents enroll in two free classes each and waives the...

  • January 28 2021

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    (Desert Hot Springs, Calif.) - Team Mom Charities launched its inaugural event on Inauguration Day to help a local disabled and recently made homeless veteran get back on his feet.  Margaret Webb, aka, Team Mom Charities, presented Air Force veteran Daniel Peck with a check for $1,000 to help him an...