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  • Nov 02 2021

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    By Suzanne Potter/PNS SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Now is the time to sign up for health insurance or hunt for a better deal, as this year's CoveredCA's open-enrollment period runs now through Jan. 31.Groups advocating for older Americans urged everyone, even those currently insured, to check out the Cover...

  • August 9 2021

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    By Francesca Tomasi, Kevin Ma, and Megan McCurryWith multiple highly effective vaccines against COVID-19, we have begun to round a corner on the current pandemic. But another crisis looms.Bacteria and fungi are mutating to resist our current antibiotics. Soon, the world may have no effective antibio...

  • March 17 2021

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    Well, not really, they gave me plenty of notice, so I was prepared. It is a good thing, the City of Desert Hot Springs just improving my road, spreading the black-hot ‘slurry’ onto the 7th Street surface. Now my street will be the most beautiful in the City… for a spell at least. Thanks to the City ...

  • February 25 2021

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    Before the "new normal," we were all able to enjoy each other's company, shop, dine, and visit museums and art galleries. Non-profits were able to host events and fundraisers. Now we are in the virtual world', but that is not stopping the Artists Council (AC)!    The Artists Council recently rolled ...