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  • Nov 30 2022

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    Christine McVie was a singer with "Fleetwood Mac" for 34 years. DLNews Entertainment: "Fleetwood Mac" singer Christine McVie, 79, has died.   The BBC reported that the legendary singer, whose voice thrilled millions, died peacefully in a hospital, citing her family.   Christine McVie, who came from ...

  • Nov 08 2022

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    DLNews Recreation: LA QUINTA – Riverside County thanks and honors all who have served our country with free admission and fishing at Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park on Veterans Day, Friday, November 11.   Lake Cahuilla Veterans Regional Park is open on Veterans Day from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.   Free ...

  • Sep 29 2022

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    Arizona police dog was 'lucky charm' in finding five pounds of fentanyl. DLNews crime: A police dog in Navajo County, Arizona, has found five pounds of fentanyl concealed in cereal boxes. The drug was discovered after a traffic stop in which the dog found the drugs hidden inside Lucky Charms and Coc...

  • February 25 2021

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    OAKLAND, Calif. — The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is updating portions of Imperial, Riverside, and San Diego County flood maps in 2021. The new maps identify the current flood hazards in the Oasis drainage area located west and northwest of the Salton Sea that helps building officials...

  • February 1 2021

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    The Federal Trade Commission finalized a settlement with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., over allegations it misled consumers about the level of security it provided for its Zoom meetings and compromised the security of some Mac users.   The final order requires Zoom to implement a comprehensive se...