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  • Nov 25 2021

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      By 'JustTheFactsMax'   While there are many reasons to invest in Bitcoin, the biggest question is: why should you? Cryptocurrency is a high-risk investment, and most people do not understand it. If you want to invest in bitcoin, you should know that you may lose money, but you could make much mone...

  • Nov 21 2021

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    A recent study published in the journal PLOS One shows that a vaccine against COVID-19 could save lives. The disease is spread by direct contact between people and is also highly infectious. It can be deadly, but a vaccine will help prevent the illness from spreading. In the meantime, the primary pr...

  • Nov 12 2021

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    Whether you’re a Beatlemaniac or a more casual fan, you likely have an opinion about the band’s final days together and their eventual breakup. However, a brand-new book may challenge everything you thought you knew about the band’s twilight hour. Already a New York Times bestseller, “The Beatles: G...

  • February 24 2021

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    LANCASTER, Calif. - In the wake of last week's massive power blackouts in Texas, there's a lot of blame to go around. But groups that fight climate change say the root problem, in every state, is burning fossil fuels. Clean-energy advocates have said climate change leads to more extreme weather even...

  • February 2 2021

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    February 2, 2021 PISMO BEACH, Calif. -- The Western Monarch butterfly population that overwinters in California has dropped to devastating levels, with only 1,914 individuals spotted in this year's winter count. They've been declining for decades, but experts say they may have reached an extinction ...