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  • Feb 17 2023

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    DLNews Society: By Eric Tegethoff/PNS A new book by a University of Washington professor on the death penalty finds support for executions may be motivated by people's fear of death.   Philip Hansten, professor emeritus of pharmacology at the University of Washington and author of "Death Penalty Bul...

  • Jan 12 2022

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    A 7% annual increase in consumer prices is Americans' latest bad economic news.   Consumer prices in the US made the most significant year-to-year jump since 1982, the latest sign that rising inflation is negatively impacting working Americans.   According to Labor Department data released on Wednes...

  • Dec 08 2021

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    Hundreds of American college professors have signed an open letter criticizing the campaign to get rid of advanced mathematics in schools, as activists attempt to create more equality by reducing student “achievement gaps.”   Warning that the US would be put at a disadvantage internationally, 911 pr...