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  • June 16 2023

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    By Leonard Seelig Cruises around the British Isles and stopping in France have been top-rated for years. In contrast with the last 12-day departure from Southampton for a Transatlantic voyage with many sea days, this was going to be a port-intensive cruise involving stops in Britain, Ireland, Northe...

  • Oct 10 2022

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    By Leonard Seelig When it comes to the world of cruising the oceans and seas, the thoughts that mostly come to mind involve the voyage itself and the stops along the way. However, another part is the planning and the period it takes. This planning can be either a small or time-consuming process. Wit...

  • February 28 2021

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    By Pamela Price Tucked away in a small Mexican border town 45 miles east of San Diego, Rancho La Puerta has endeared itself to four generations of health enthusiasts since it was established in 1940 by Edmund and   Deborah Szekely. Now, after 80 years, ' The Ranch,' a bastion of hiking and healthy d...