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  • Jan 14 2024

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    DLNews  Once upon a time, a real-life "King Kong" roamed the earth. Towering at three meters tall and weighing a hefty 300 kilograms, the "Gigantopithecus blacki" - a name derived from the Greek words for 'giant ape' - was the largest primate ever to walk our planet. "Gigantopithecus blacki" must ha...

  • June 9 2023

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    DLNews News: The air quality in New York City and Philadelphia remained "very unhealthy" to "hazardous" Wednesday as smoke from hundreds of Canadian wildfires blanketed the cities. Schools in both places canceled outdoor activities and recommended people with respiratory conditions wear masks.   Mor...

  • March 7 2021

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    Desert Hot Springs Police Department needs your help. On 03/04/2021, at approximately 1826 hours, DHSPD officers were dispatched to Sixth Street, between Palm Drive and Cactus Drive, for a traffic collision involving a pedestrian. According to reporting parties, the pedestrian was struck by a white ...

  • February 22 2021

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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Today is the last day for bills to be introduced in Sacramento - and supporters of criminal-sentencing reform have filed nine proposals, all intended to make the system more just for people of all races. The bills would follow through on recommendations made in a new report from...