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  • Apr 12 2024

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    DLNews Law Enforcement: Oroville, CA—In an unexpected twist to the usual morning school rush, a nine-year-old boy in California took punctuality to new heights—or rather, he took the driver's seat to get there.   The boy was in a time crunch on an ordinary morning as his mother seemingly hosted a ma...

  • Feb 07 2023

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    DLNews Crime: A man from the U.S. state of Missouri was executed on Tuesday, although he had protested his innocence until the very end.   Raheem Taylor (58) had been convicted of murdering his partner and their three small children. He stated that he had been in another state at the time of the cri...

  • Dec 06 2022

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    Destiny Wiggins was found dead in a car. Her two children survived - they witnessed the terrible act DLNews Crime: When a construction company in the US state of North Carolina employees came to work in the morning, they made a gruesome discovery in the parking lot.   They found the bodies of two ad...

  • Oct 21 2022

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    Benjamin Cole (57) was sentenced to death in 2004 DLNews Crime: Twenty years after he killed his daughter, a killer has been executed in the U.S.   The death sentence against Benjamin Cole (57) was carried out on Thursday in the prison of the city of McAlester (U.S. state of Oklahoma) with a lethal ...

  • Oct 04 2021

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    LONG BEACH, Calif. - Mona Rodriguez, the teen mom shot by a school resource officer in Long Beach, is brain dead and is expected to be taken off life support. The officer, who fired at the car after Rodriguez fled the scene of a fight, is on administrative leave - but the incident has reignited deba...