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  • Dina Rivera So fresh and so clean and nice and cozy now! Can’t stand how cute this little nugget is! #lovemydog #dobbythehousedog #Godisgood #cozy #warm #freshandclean
    4 hours ago

  • News Staff Riverside County Receives $5.9M to Provide Vaccines. OAKLAND, Calif. – The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) granted $5.9 million to Riverside County to establish eight vaccination sites and a vaccine storage facility, with each site expected to provide around 875 vaccinations per day, amounting to 7,000 a day and 49,000 per week across eight sites. Approximately 644,000 will be administered by the end of the operational period. Funds will reimburse the county’s expenses for 167 staffers, personal protective equipment, and other miscellaneous equipment, including trailers and freezers to store the COVID-19 vaccines. FEMA’s Public Assistance (PA) program will provide the initial $5.9 million for the $12.4 million expedited projects. Additional funding will be reimbursed upon the submittal of documentation supporting further expenditures. PA provides federal assistance through grants to government organizations and certain private nonprofit organizations following a presidential disaster declaration to quickly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies. FEMA continues working with our partners ─ including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other federal agencies ─ along with state, tribal, territorial authorities, private sector partners, and others to assist, augment, and expedite vaccinations United States. We remain committed to helping Americans in their time of need and will continue to work with our partners to stop this disease's spread.
    Feb 2

  • admin Welcome to the 'NEW' DesertLocalNews Community; Desert Local News has been around 10-years in print and online. Today we start a brand new era, and please be patient. We will be all fresh and exciting. None of our old content has been lost; click on See you very soon, Max. :)
    Jan 27

  • Pat Krause I just read that soul singer Mary Wilson passed away. Great talent and will be greatly missed.
    Feb 10