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  • News Staff Old Glory is flying again; my old one took a beating from the wind and the desert sizzling sun. Happy 4th of July to all my friends and neighbors. Let's celebrate our great country. Cheers, Max.
    Jul 1

  • Robert Kinsler Check out my new review of famed DJ/author Richard Blade's new novel available now. Title: Imposters: Two Boys Who Fooled America Author: Richard Blade Publisher: BladeRocker Books Details: 298 pages Tell me more: Audiences know him best for his work on radio, television and in movies, but Richard Blade is also a talented author who has penned an acclaimed best-selling autobiography (2017's
    Jun 9

  • JustTheFacts Max What a great day in the desert; I got my second shot, and I feel fine. Starting today, the swim season is open at Max's place. I wish you all a great 'Easter' and 'Passover' celebration. Stay safe, enjoy the holidays with your families and friends and say thank you to your maker.
    Apr 3

  • admin Welcome to the 'NEW' DesertLocalNews Community; Desert Local News has been around 10-years in print and online. Today we start a brand new era, and please be patient. We will be all fresh and exciting. None of our old content has been lost; click on See you very soon, Max. :)
    Jan 27

  • Javier Soto Hello everyone! hope everyone is having a great day.!
    Feb 27

  • Pat Krause I just read that soul singer Mary Wilson passed away. Great talent and will be greatly missed.
    Feb 10