US-Ebola patient is deceased in Dallas 

Caption: Thomas Eric Duncan wanted to marry in the USA - now he has died of Ebola
Caption: Thomas Eric Duncan wanted to marry in the USA - now he has died of Ebola
Caption: Thomas Eric Duncan wanted to marry in the USA – now he has died of Ebola

The US-Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan (42) is dead. This reported the treating hospital in Dallas (Texas, USA)! In a statement by the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, it was said that the man had died Wednesday morning at 7:51 clock (local time). He was the first patient, diagnosed with Ebola in the United States. The health of Duncan deteriorated drastically. He was treated with an experimental drug called “Brincidofovir.” The system developed by the U.S. pharmaceutical company Chimerix Antiviral preparation is used among other things to combat herpes and smallpox. Es was the first time that the drug was tested on Ebola patients. On Monday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration gave their OK.

Duncan traveled on September 20, from Liberia to Dallas. Four days after his arrival he joined the first symptoms of the deadly viral disease showed up.

USA toughen controls. 
According to a CNN TV report, there is a growing ‘angst’ in the United States to get infected with Ebola. The controls for passengers from Ebola areas would be intensified the station reported, quoting a U.S. government speaker. For travelers who come from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea to the United States, the body temperature will be measured with a hand scanner in the future. In addition, the traveler would have to answer specific questions. The measure starts this weekend or early next week. There are more than 3400 Ebola deaths were counted. The disease is rampant, especially in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. However, even in Europe there is a first case reported.

A Spanish nurse Teresa Romero (44) has, when dropping their protective clothing, touching her face accidentally with a possibly infected Work Glove, her treating physician German Ramirez said on Wednesday in Madrid. “It is possible that it was not her fault, but simply an oversight,” Ramírez said. Therefore, Romero did not immediately recall when she got ill. Romero is the first woman who has been infected with the virus in Europe. She worked in the Madrid clinic Carlos III; on the two Spanish, missionaries who died after their return from West Africa to Ebola in August and September. They first went to the doctor on October 5, because although they felt sick for six days. Meanwhile, five co-workers were asked in quarantine.