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151765LOS ANGELES, /PRNewswire/ — What might the headlines say five or ten years from now? That’s the question Perspective Media hopes to answer with its forthcoming publication, Perspective Magazine ( A Kickstarter campaign for the magazine kicks off on December 1, with a launch set for early 2015.

The stories in Perspective Magazine will be told from a near-future perspective and will focus on the theoretical outcomes to the worst problems facing the world today, assuming that leaders and citizens do not come together and realize solutions. Headlines could include everything from “San Andreas Earthquake a Result of Fracking?” to “Drones and Driverless Cars Make Postal Service Obsolete.”

“We live in urgent times with urgent issues,” says Perspective Media CEO Paul Rothbein. “This is not the Onion – we don’t plan to make comedy. Some people compare Perspective Media to the work ofOrson Welles. We are projecting based upon actual events that could transpire if people don’t take action today. This is a new form of journalism that encourages everyone to become more connected to their world.”

151766Perspective Media’s mission is to increase civic engagement by raising awareness of environmental, social, political and other serious issues. Rothbein believes that the media today is having a narcotic effect; once-respected news outlets have become sensationalized tabloids with little substance. Perspective the Magazine will openly court controversy in an attempt to pique readers’ curiosity and spur them to action.

Rothbein suggests that certain supposedly liberating technologies are in fact contributing to humanity’s growing sense of detachment. For instance, Internet search engines purport to put the collected wealth of human knowledge at a person’s fingertips. However, these search engines base their results largely on past searching behavior and algorithmic predictions – by their very nature, they attempt to show users what they want to see. In that sense, they do nothing to encourage curiosity or a broadening of horizons.

Today, Perspective Magazine’s website offers just a glimpse of what the subscription-based print and iPad publication will have in store for readers.  Visit for a preview of what is to come.

About Perspective Media

Perspective Media aims to introduce the only form of fiction storytelling that will change people’s outlook about today’s world and hopefully make an impact on our future. Perspective Magazine will report from a near-future perspective about events and issues that can occur in our lifetime. Rather than indulging in fantasy, the magazine will be a home for science fiction in the truest sense – stories that are well within the realm of possibility.

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