Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Brunch

Melinda Reade, Festival Chairman Harold Matzner and Tristan Milanovich
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Brunch was held to give directors awards for their films. Awards included Actors and People’s Choice of the PSIFF Films at Spencers Restaurant in Palm Springs on Jan. 13th. Other awards presented were the John Schlesinger, The HP Bridging the Borders, New Voices/New Visions, Fipresci, The Mercedes Benz Audience, Cine Latino and the Audience Awards. The honorees were very appreciative of the awards and represented the best of the PSIFF.

Festival Director Darryl Macdonald and Festival Artistic Director Helen du Toit emceed the luncheon and both spoke about the success of this PSIFF. Thousands came from all over the US and consider this the best film festival to come to. The Festival continues to excel each year and become better with each passing year.

They announced there would be 18 audience favorites that would be shown on Monday after the Film Festival at the various theaters. Film fans were looking for the list so they could purchase tickets to see the films they had missed. The films were sold out quickly.