Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs

Guests Party
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Hard Rock Hotel Palm Springs held an invitation only party on Oct. 3rd for the grand opening of their new luxury hotel. The much anticipated Hard Rock Hotel opened their doors for business on Oct.4th. This is the 18th hotel in their world wide chain of businesses. Hard Rock has hotel, casino, restaurants and music venues in more than 50 countries. They started as a small cafe looking for a good hamburger.

Hundreds of guests waited outside for the lighting of the building before being able to take a peek inside. There is a collection of more than 75 memorabilia items on display chosen from their huge warehouse of rock and roll guitars, costumes, rare photographs, original contracts, sheet music, motorcycles, band instruments and much more from every genre of music. Items from Elvis, Cher, Lady Gaga, Sammy Davis Jr. Johnny Cash to name a few. Millions were spent in the renovation of this new hotel in downtown Palm Springs.

Special guests included the famous Carol Channing who posed for photos with fans and took time to talk to many guests. Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet spoke to the crowd along with Andy Carpiac and Michael Shindler. The Three then flipped the switch that lit up the outdoor lights of the Hotel. Screams were heard with excitement and everyone made their way into the new hotel.

Mayor Pougnet said this was a party so everyone should have a good time. Drinks and Hors d’ oeuvres were served as guests toured the entrance, bars, rooms and memorabilia.