Food Now Turkey’s Give-Away bonanza

Dave Johnson, M. Perez, Vinny, Connie Sellecca, John Tesh and Yvonne Parks

Food-Now held a star-studded event on a perfect sunny day in Desert Hot Springs, to help and to brighten-up their clients Thanksgiving-Day celebration. David Johnson, director of Food-Now explains, “We are giving away 600 turkeys this week to feed the many needed families in the Desert Hot Springs area.”

John Tesh, musician, star of ‘Entertainment Tonight,’ and countless other popular TV, and Radio shows. Joint by his wife, famous actress Connie Sellecca, the star of ‘The Greatest American Hero and the TV series Hotel, were handing out the fifteen-pound birds to the delight of the Food-Now client’s. Also on hand, an avid supporter of Food Now, Patrick Evans, CBS Local 2 Chief Meteorologist, “Eye on the Desert.” And promoting the event, Uncle Vinny and Kathy, a Ministry providing the essentials to the homeless, added to the list of celebrities. Go to their website .

Joining the fun, Dr. Paul Ruiz, our newly elected Congressman of the 36th District, and fellow Democrat Manuel Perez, California State Assemblyman, 80th District. Giving-out the Turkey’s and chatting with the folks, Desert Hot Springs mayor Yvonne Parks, city councilman Russell Betts and city manager Rick Daniels.

A special applause has to go to the dedicated volunteers who worked tirelessly at Food-Now all week, and kept the Turkey’s coming. Go to their website,, they greatly appreciate your tax-deductible donation.

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