Diary updated: Anne Frank’s Holocaust story remade for big screen, new info added

Anne Frank, 12 June 1942 (Image from www.annefrank.ch)
Anne Frank, 12 June 1942 (Image from www.annefrank.ch)

The story of a 13-year-old Jewish girl who died in a Nazi concentration camp after spending two years in hiding in the attic of her father’s office, Anne Frank, will be adapted for the silver screen, exposing new archive materials.

The new film will be based not only on the girl’s famous diary, but will also unveil extensive historical documentation provided by her family. The drama aims to tell Frank’s whole story, both before and after her time in hiding, the Hollywood Reporter informed.

German screenwriter Fred Breinersdorfer, who penned the Oscar-nominated period drama “Sophie Scholl: The Final Days”, has worked on the Anne Frank script. He reportedly used new archive material on the arrest and trial of the leader of the non-violent anti-Nazi resistance movement “The White Rose” to add detail to the historic biopic.

The author of one of the most famous diaries in history, Frank was one of over a million Jewish children who lost their lives in the Holocaust. Her unique diary, an outstanding collection of secret thoughts and feelings, her love crush with a boy, Peter van Daan, among them, has been translated into 55 languages.

The teenage girl proved herself a fully-fledged thinker and never lost hope of being free one day. Anne and her sister Margot died of typhus in 1945, shortly before the Bergen-Belsen camp was liberated by the British troops.

The story of Anne Frank has been previously adapted for big screen a number of times; one of them, The Diary of Anne Frank, won three Oscars in 1959.

A director and cast for the new adaptation have not been set yet. Shooting is planned for next year.