Wynonna Judd at the McCallum Theatre


Story and Photos by Pat Krause

Wynonna Judd graced the stage at the McCallum Theatre on Oct. 28th. Hundreds of Wynonna fans filled the Theatre to capacity. There were NO empty seats when Nanotecnologia she walked on stage. She arrived on stage to a thunderous applause from the crowd.

Wynonna was accompanied by a pianist and 3 guitarists. She wore a long coat that covered a sequined blouse and Paisley legging type pants. Her Glorious red hair was adorned with scarlet streaks and tiny braids. She is such a pretty woman that when she smiles she lights up the whole stage. The lighting on her was great so you could see every facial E-mailblog.nl emotion that she had during each song. She puts her whole self into each song and with her husky voice it just fills the air with emotion. Wynonna Festival is not like other artists that just stand there and sing.  She really gets into a song and it shows.

At one point during the show they turned up the house lights. Ass Wynonna asked the audience how many had seen her perform before. Hands popped up all over the area. You could see the look on her face that she was surprised so many had seen her concerts before. She was thrilled to have so many fans in the audience that come back again and Cleveland Browns jerseys again wholesale jerseys to see her.

Some of the songs she sang were Rock Bottom, No One Else on Earth, Good Times, Aint No Sunshine and Rarrin Love to name just a few. Of course her encore song had to be “Love Can Build a Bridge” to which she got a standing ovation.

Country Western Radio Station Big 106 KPLM sponsored the evening performance. Randy Houston announced up coming shows and introduced Wynonna to the audience.

All in all it was a fantastic and thrilling night for all. Some of her fans came dressed in cowboy hats and fringed leather jackets. Other guests had seen her many times and would come to see her again.

All Photos by Pat Krause.

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