Warning DHS: Water bill scam


1412113847000-20141001-scam01Someone is posing as a water district worker and trying to convince people that they are late on their payment. Under threat of turning the water off, he will try to collect cash. The police have been notified.

Dressed up as an official employee from the MSWD the person shows up with a clipboard with papers on it. He may even know your phone number. MSWD does not collect money through any field staff. If anyone is approached, they should refuse to engage the person and notify police immediately.

The suspect is Hispanic, wore a yellow hard hat (Mission Springs Water District (MSWD) does use white hard hats) this trickster is using an MSWD generic business card; most likely stolen from the lobby office at MSWD.

Do not engage with that character report to the DHS Police (760-329-2904) and/or the Mission Springs Water District (760-329-5169)