Top Obama watchdog: America’s ‘pretty f**ked’




Neil Barofsky, Treasury Special Inspector General of TARP (AFP Photo / Mark Wilson)

If you are looking for opinions on the current state of the country, former TARP Inspector General Neil Barofsky is opening up about what he thinks of America. And, if you ask him, the whole nation might be pretty damn fucked.

Barofsky served the watchdog role for the Troubled Asset Relief Fund for years and knows a thing or two about how money and politics are paired in Washington. Now with the current state of the country still causing concern even after his tenure with TARP, Barofsky made little effort to paint a pretty picture to the readers of when offering his input.

In a question-and-answer session hosted on the website this week, one commenter didn’t hold back by asking Barofsky for confirmation on America’s current condition.

“So we’re just totally fucked, right?” a user with the online handle grebeck asked. “As citizens, like no-way-out fucked?”

Barofsky eventually responded to the inquiry with a bit of optimism, but not before confirming that fear with a simple, two-word statement.

“Pretty fucked,” Barofsky wrote.

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