The ‘Escapade Pub’ is now in Scottish hands

Fiona Cairns and Malcolm McLean present Dave Johnson, the director of Food Now with a check! Photo by DLNews

There is a lot of saloon history in the white brick building on the corner of Cahuillo and Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs. It is the home of the Escapade Pub, a watering hole, where the locals relax and cool off.

The Escapade is now in Scottish hands; Fiona Cairns and Malcolm McLean are the new owners. The Escapade is a friendly place; you can sit outside in the patio and sip your beer or play pool inside and give the jukebox a spin or watch sports on large TV monitors; NASCAR is the favorite. The drinks are good, and inexpensive.

Fiona and Malcolm are community orientated, and they are big supporters of Food Now, the local food bank. They help organize can-food drives, collect contributions, and donate money  helping to feed the hungry in our town.

So, if you want a cool drink, at a safe and pleasant  place, visit the Escapade Pub at 12347 Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs and tell them Max sends you!


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