Steve Martin and his blue grass band the Steep Canyon Rangers came to the McCallum Theatre

Edie Brickell and Steve Martin
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Comedian and banjo player Steve Martin and his blue grass band the Steep Canyon Rangers came to the McCallum Theatre on Oct. 9th. Martin introduced a new addition to the group,singer Edie Brickell. Martin is a serious banjo player musician. He didn’t leave his comedic roots completely as he made jokes in between songs. He had the audience laughing at his jokes and clapping to the music.

Martin joked about how the band met in rehab. Martin also mentioned he won a grammy award. He said they loved to do concerts and then said people could buy t-shirts and CDs in the lobby. Martin said he liked the McCallum Theatre as it has continental seating which means there is no center aisle. People here must not have a need to go to the bathroom and warned there would be no intermission.

Martin said the best way to listen to Blue Grass music is to close your eyes. He mentioned that blue grass has no drummer, just a bass, a guitar, a violin and Banjos as they make their own beat. Martin said he has been playing the banjo for 50 years and said Earl Scruggs was probably the best banjo player which he said jokingly probably makes him number 2.

They played “Jubilation Day Song” that says not all breakups are bad and some love songs have had great lyrics. Edie Brickell came on stage at the 4th song to sing with the band. Martin sand along with her on some of the songs and had several banjo solos during the show.

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