Russian Famous Energy Healer and Master of Feng Shui Elena Orlova is now in Palm Springs!


Elena is a Russian Professional Healer from family of Healers for generations. She is also a Scientist with the Master degrees in applied Mathematics and Parapsychology. A woman with many talents, she has healed body, mind and spirit; improving the quality of life for hundreds of people. Following years of intense research at the Moscow Academy of Sciences, in clinical studies and hands-on experience gained in private practice and her wonder gift, Elena has developed a unique healing method by activating the subconscious mind’s ability to use healing mechanisms to treat, increase energy, re-balance emotions and revitalize the spirit.

A woman of many talents and a natural healer with a truly exceptional ability. She has healed body, mind and spirit, improving the quality of life for hundreds of people.  Appointments for personalized sessions with Elena Orlova are available at the following locations in California: Palm Springs area, Los Angeles area. Please call:  818.943.9398 to schedule an appointment or for any questions. 
You may also e-mail for any additional information to: