Rick Moore, Jason Chaet, Melanie Lynskey, Carl Spence, Allegra Cohen, Rick Moore, and Fran Kranz ~photo Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Another celebrity sighting was on Sunday afternoon at the Camelot Theatre when Melanie Lynskey came with fellow actors, Allegra Cohen (also Producer) and Fran Kranz, director, Jason Chaet, and writer, Rick Moore, of the film, Putzel. Putzel is the term for Little Putz, about a young man dreaming of taking over his family business but finds coming of age a bit difficult.

The film is set on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Putzel is  a homebody with many issues about leaving the smoked fish business. He idolizes his grandfather who started the business and finds out he is not who he thought he was.

His uncle runs the business and holds the key and the deed to the business. With the help of Lynskey who plays “Sally”, he can come to terms with his life and the business. Lynskey is well-known for her role as “Rose” in the TV show Two and a Half Men. A Q&A  followed the film. For more information, go to: www.putzelmovie.com