Yucca Valley working with Hi-Desert Water District to Implement Financing Plan to Lower the Costs of the State-Mandated Sewer System Improvements for Local Taxpayers

Yucca Valley – On May 19, 2012 the State Water Board acted to prohibit the use of septic tanks in Yucca Valley.

The Board stated that it was acting to: “…prohibit the discharge of wastewater into the ground from septic systems in the Town of Yucca Valley…The Prohibition was adopted to prevent the further degradation of the Town’s domestic water supply by discharges from Yucca Valley septic systems, which contain high concentrations of nitrates that have impacted ground water quality.”

“The town must legally comply with the State mandate beginning in 2016 – or face significant penalties and fines,” said Yucca Valley Town Manager Mark Nuaimi. “The most economical method of compliance identified is developing a centralized sewer system and waste water collection/treatment facility.”

Since 2008, when the Town loaned General Funds to the District to support sewer master plan development, the Town of Yucca Valley has been working in partnership with Hi-Desert Water District to identify funding solutions to significantly lower the costs of the state-mandated sewer system improvements for local taxpayers.

“The Yucca Valley Town Council is committed to funding sewer improvements and reducing the cost to taxpayers,” said Yucca Valley Town Manager Mark Nuaimi. “Through their adoption of Resolution 12-39, the Town Council has established the framework for implementation of a cooperative funding plan with the Hi-Desert Water District that would reduce costs of sewer improvements.”

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