The Palm Springs Follies “The Last Hurrah”

Jill Owens
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Palm Springs Follies is holding its final shows this season and it will end 23 years of entertainment in Palm Springs. The final shows are called “The Last Hurrah”. The Follies has been a part of the A list of things to see and do in the Valley. People come from all over just to see this show whose singers and dancers range from 56 to 84 years of age. The theater was filled to capacity on the opening show that starred Susan Anton.

Riff Markowitz brings funny to a new level as he brings the guests into his routine. No one in the front row is safe from his humor. Susan Anton starred 3 years ago and was delighted to come back for the finale of this famous show. The follies has been touted worldwide as all the members are seniors but one would never know that. They’re singing and dancing makes everyone believe they are much younger. This first edition is a Christmas show and there will be a much different
show after Christmas.

The costumes are flamboyant with lots of feathers and sequins. They remind you of the Ziegfield Follies days when costumes were so huge the dancers could barely walk in them. Men in tuxedos escort them to the stage where they tell of their experiences,careers and their AGE. Guests can meet the cast after the show in the lobby.

The finale is always a tribute to America. When Veterans were asked to stand to be recognized and applauded, nearly 1 fourth of the theater stood up. Nearly everyone in the theatre held their hand over their heart and sang along with God Bless America. The older generations are so proud of our country and get so emotional when our flag is flown. They have seen many wars, lost friends and family in combat and have had to struggle thru the hard times our country has seen.