“One Night Only”

Helene Galen, Annette Bloch, Terri Ketover, Harold Matzner, Barbara Keller, Barbara Fromm
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Annual Pre-show Party for “One Night Only” Cast and Major donor was held at the home of Helene Galen on April 22nd. Hostess Helene Galen and host Jamie Kabler made each guest feel important.

A Mariachi band greeted each guest, and valet took their cars as parking was limited. A buffet was served, and drinks flowed freely. This is a party that lets everyone just happily greet each other in an intimate setting, and the cast get a chance to talk to each other informally and not feel as thought it is a job to do.

There are always surprises at this party as the cast members give a private performance for their fellow cast mates and donors. Jamie Kabler called everyone to the back by the pool for another surprise. The Palm Springs Spirit of the Sand High School Band played several selections for the guests. Helene Galen surprised everyone with a song to start the evening’s performances.

Singer Liz Calloway started off with a song to Helene Galen and Jamie Kabler while all the guests listened. Alix Korey followed Liz with another beautiful rendition, and Brian Childers also delighted the guests. They were just a few of the cast that sang during the evening. The cast loves to perform at this intimate setting and a very appreciative audience.