Newspapers the old ‘Social-Network’


800px-Metal_movable_typeNewspapers have been the ‘social-networks’ for hundreds of years. Gutenberg’s inventions of the printed word changed the way the people got their information; information is power; power equals money.

Nothing really has changed, money is still the game. It is just the way information is delivered. Newspaper use reporters, writers and confidential informers to investigate and bring you the breaking inside stories… the headlines we all love… and the politicians hate.

Things have changed; Facebook, Twitter and Google have revolutionized the way you get your news today. Members post their most inner thoughts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and many other Social-Networks. Smart phones, and tablets are the brand-new tools, they used by a modern breed of reporters, the bloggers! They report events live and uncensored, and most importantly instantly. Newspapers have been hurt by this, not all have adopted to the new style and technology yet.

However, one local newspaper has been on top of it, Desert Local News. The paper has been digitally published since 2007, free online, the first one in the Coachella Valley. With a daily news coverage of localized, regional and world events, you are always up-to-date. Check it out, No Pulp Fiction here… Http://