Modernism Week Palm Springs

Art Work ~photo Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Annual Modernism Week started on Feb. 14th with an opening ceremony and Reception at Birba. Modernism Week lasts for 11 days, Feb. 14th thru the 24th. The biggest event was held on Saturday the 15th at the Palm Springs Convention Center. Vendors filled the whole area in the Center. Thousands of people walked thru to see all the sellers and their merchandise. The Modernism Show at the Convention Center will last until Feb. 18th.

Guests were served sandwiches, pastas and fruits while listening to music by a DJ and having a drink to enjoy the night. Vintage and new items were on display. Furniture and decor from the 30s thru the 60s was the focus of the show. Art, radios, posters, lamps, statues, clothing and everything you could image from that era. New and antique jewelry and glass ware, vases etc from vendors was displayed on shelves and show cases. Vacation rentals and Hotels had booths. It was like walking thru yesterday at some of the displays.

Over 100 events consist of Modernism Week. Design and architectural lectures, bus tours, walking tours of Celebrity homes, films, style shows, Pan Am and vintage trailer exhibitions, a pre-fab showcase, modern living expo, green energy designs, art and mid century decor, plus more, and cocktail parties are part of the many activities of the week. Hilton Palm Springs is the host for the Hospitality lounge for information and last minute tickets.

Palm Springs businesses in Downtown are also part of Modernism Week. Restaurants, book stores, salons, coffee houses, furniture stores and antique shops and others have committed to make Modernism Week special. Palm Springs Walk of Stars will honor architect A. Quincy Jones with a Star. Moby, a Grammy nominated musician will be part of a discussion group at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs on Feb.23rd.

The week brings people from all over, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Arizona and as far away as New York City.