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Mini-Panthers for Adoption

Do YOU have a mini-panther?  While sleek, elegant, loving and intelligent, black felines are routinely overlooked by potential adopters. Animal Samaritans has dubbed their black kittens mini-panthers for the obvious resemblance to their majestic cousins in the wild.

Since our Mini-Panther adoption event at the Westfield Mall on June 9th, three black kittens have found homes.  But we still have more!

Novice cat lovers are easily lured by the multi-colored tabbies, tortoise shells, and calicos, however black cats are arguably the more passionate and practical choice for adoption. Here’s why:

Black is elegant and always in vogue

  • Your mini-panther will look swanky lounging on any chair, bed, sofa or floor in the house
  • You can “jungle-theme” her food bowl, toys, and litter box
  • You can be a hero; on average, black cats stay longer in shelters than any other colored cats
  • She will love you unconditionally

Adopting your own mini-panther is much safer than adopting a real panther.  Unlike their larger, undomesticated relatives, mini-panthers prefer Friskies and Iams to fresh python, warthog, and goat meat. You can give your mini-panther a hip, leopard-pattern collar too, which is much better than being collared by a big black leopard.  And when you cuddle and snuggle with your affectionate little mini-panther, she’ll be purring because she loves you–not because she’s gnawing on your carcass!

Visit the mini-panthers at Animal Samaritans’ animal shelter, located at 72307 Ramon Road in Thousand Palms. We’re open Monday through Saturday, 9am – 4:30pm. 760-343-3477 x4

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