LulzSec hackers handed down prison terms, suspended sentence

Ryan Ackroyd (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)
Ryan Ackroyd (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)
Ryan Ackroyd (Reuters/Stefan Wermuth)

Members of the British LulzSec hacking group were sentenced for a series of global cyber-attacks in 2011. Two of the hacktivists have received prison terms, one will be sent to a young offenders’ institution and another received a suspended sentence.

Ryan Ackroyd, Jake Davis, Mustafa Bassam and Ryan Cleary had all pleaded guilty to hacking offenses prior to sentencing on Thursday.

Cleary, 21, who also pleaded guilty to possession of images showing child abuse, was sentenced to 32 months, of which he will serve half.

Ackroyd, 26, was sentenced to a 30 month sentence of which he is expected to serve 15 months.

Davis, 20, was sentenced to two years in a young offenders’ institute.

Bassam, 18, was handed down a 20 month sentence which was suspended for two years, as well as 300 hours of community service.