Joe McKee running for Desert Hot Springs City Council
Joe McKee running for Desert Hot Springs City Council

Over a hundred  enthusiastic supporters gathered at the Miracle Springs Resort & Spa to cheer-on and pledge their support to Joe McKee.

Joe is running for a seat on the Desert Hot Springs City Council. McKee hopes to unseat the incumbents Jan Pye and Scott Matas. *Councilman Matas is running for Mayor this time around, as the outgoing, three-times Mayor Yvonne Parks, is eyeing a four-year term as councilwoman, to continue her reign.

Joe McKee is a veteran, a small-business owner, and was a maintenance engineer in the food-processing industry, were he has learned to work as part of a team to solve complex problems…

“We are a city of good people. Desert Hot Springs citizens work hard to provide for their families. The city government needs to involve and listen to them,“ says Joe McKee, giving his first political speech in front of an excited crowd in the beautiful Atrium Room at Miracle Springs.

Just talking to the folks and feeling the great atmosphere of the event, I say, he has a great start.

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