Jane Wagner book signing: “The Search of Intelligent Life in the Universe”

Jane Wagner and Lili Tomlin ~photo Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Just Fabulous Book store in Palm Springs brought Comedienne Lili Tomlin and Jane Wagner in for a book signing on Jan.12th. The book was written by Jane Wagner and called. The Search of Intelligent Life in the Universe. Wagner was a little late so Lili Tomlin took over. She greeted fans that had lined up outside the store and thanked them for coming and waiting outside in the cold.

Lili Tomlin shook hands, gave hugs and posed for photos. Once inside she signed record albums, photos and posters. Fans were so happy to see her and realize she was such a gracious celebrity. Tomlin seemed to enjoy her time with her fans. Once Wagner arrived they got down to the business of signing the book. They spent time with each fan and again posed for photos for people that bought the book that they wanted signed. They both autographed the book.