Happy 80th Birthday – Loren & Bardot


2,w=985,c=0.bildThey were the dream girls of an entire generation, goddesses of cinemanow the last living divas are 80 years old! Sophia Loren today, September 20 and  Brigitte Bardot on September 28th.


She grew up in a middle-class family, father a entrepreneur.  At 15, she is a photo model, breakthrough on the cover ofElle.She is the most photographed actress in the world (“God Created Woman,” “Viva Maria“). Over 47 movies, performed in several musical shows, and recorded over 60 songs. But that flashy lifestyle kills her.  It leads a life full of scandals: four suicide attempts, four marriages (including with Gunter Sachs), countless affairs (Serge Gainsbourg).  In 1972, she flees from the public:I am a hunted. I belong to all. BB must die so that Brigitte can liveShe is an animal rights activist on a farm near St. Tropez.. I love animals more than people


A lucky child! Given that only was later. She grew up dirt poor in Naples:We had nothing; I slept in a bed with my mother.With 15, she was discovered by film genius Carlo Ponti († 94) at a beauty contest in Romeit was her love of her Life. He became her husband; she becomes an international star (“El Cid,” “Marriage Italian Style“). She made more than 100 films, two Oscars, two sons.  At 72, she dropped her cloth for the last time in the Pirelli calendar. Loren:I am the luckiest woman in the world.