Halloween Party at the Houston’s

Jim Houston and Pat Bosley
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Jim Houston held his annual invitation only Halloween Party again this year on Oct. 31st. It has been a very anticipated event as guests go all out with extravagant costumes. Creativity is key to getting just the right costume for this event. Each person brings their own personality to the forefront. Some costumes were hilarious and others were so far out that people didn’t know who they were. Colorful wigs and masks for some and others work fun makeup to hide their faces.

Pirates, queens, cowboys and indians, walking dead, witches and warlocks,fairy tale characters, robots, comic book characters and much more were seen all over the grounds. The party was held in a huge white tent on the grounds of the Houston Estate. Halloween decorations were all over and waiters and waitresses wore large foam alien type hats. This is such a fun party for everyone attending. Hundreds of guests filled the area. Foods were served at the back of the tent with foods on both sides of an aisle.

Foods included sandwiches, Mexican and oriental foods and beverages were free at the bars around the area. Wines were served as you entered and appetizers were served everywhere. The band was also in costume with faces painted like the walking dead.

Popcorn was always a favorite at the party. There were no large tubs of different kinds of popcorn but Jim Houston did not forget. Each guest left with a bag of popcorn to take home to eat. Nothing is ever overlooked at a Houston Party thanks to party planner Shari Kelley. There was valet parking and halloween decorations adorned the outside and the entry way as guests entered to make for a spooky Halloween atmosphere.