H & M Coachella Fest Kick-off party at Merv Griffin Estate

Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson ~photo Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Coachella Fest had more than concerts during the two weeks of performances. Private celebrity parties were popping up all over the desert. There were pre and post Coachella Fest parties. Vips and celebrities were wined and dined at beautiful private estates.

One of the Pre-Coachella fest parties was the H & M Loves Music Kickoff Coachella Fest party at the estate of legendary Merv Griffin off Monroe and 54th st. on Saturday afternoon April 13th. Guests were treated to a buffet of small sandwiches, pizza, beverages, cotton candy and ice cream. Entertainment was provided by Santigold.

This was considered a pool party as guests got into paddle boats to run around the private lake. Others got into ping pong matches or just languished on oriental pillows strewn around the lawn area. Only 240 guests were allowed at this party and wrist bands were given as an entrance to the party. Security was ever present.

Lucky VIP guests rubbed elbows with all the Celebrities attending. Television stars Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill, Justin Chatwin from Shameless, Darren Kriss from Glee, Josh Henderson from Dallas, Joshua Jackson from Fringe, Diane Kruger from the Host and other well known actors and models arrived. Some of the party goers just do the parties and do not go to Coachella Fest to avoid the crowds there but still want to be a part of these fabulous weekends.

Parties will be held all week and next weekend as part of this musical Festival. Ace Hotel in Palm Springs will host a party each day until April 21st, the final day of Coachella Fest 2nd weekend. Other local establishments will be holding parties during the week as part of the Festival.