Dinner in the Canyon

The Milanovich Family, Reid, Melissa and Tristan
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The Annual Dinner in the Canyons fundraiser for the Agua Caliente Museum was held on Oct. 12th. The event was held at the Andreas Canyon which is the ancestral home of the Cahuilla Indians. The dinner was held in the Palm Oasis at the top of the hill. Parking was at the bottom and buses took guests to the event. The cocktail hour was held in an open area surrounded by huge rocks and overlooking the Valley floor with a flutist, Ralph Torres entertaining the guests.

Several speakers, Michael Hammond, Executive Director of the Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, Mildred Browne, Chairwoman of the Board, Jeff Grubbe, Chairman of the Agua Caliente Board of Cahuilla Indians gave remarks to the guests during the dinner. Michael Hammond took over the duties as auctioneer for the live auction of jewelry of silver and turquoise to raise money for the museum.

The evenings featured performers were MATAU which is a mixture of six tribes artists of the eastern U.S. Their music is an eclectic mix of traditional Chants and a blend of Hip Hop, Rap, Funk and Soul all wrapped up in original compositions with flutes, guitars and native instruments.

THe Museum provides exhibitions and educational programs. They also have cultural festivals which educate students and adults about the Indian heritage and history of their culture that needs to be preserved. Contact information can be had at www.accmuseum.org.