Citizens helping citizens: DHS city wide clean-up


Every two Saturdays last a month a group of citizens, led by Council Members Adam Sanchez and Russell Betts have provided clean up on vacant lots and at resident’s homes in a city wide clean-up program.

On April 20, the crew helped a disabled resident clean-out her yard. Confined to wheel chair, she was not able to handle the chore herself. On the 27 the crew drove around in search of lots that needed to be cleaned up in several trucks. They picked up abandoned furniture, tires, mattresses, large debris and liter.

The group has been putting out calls to residents and area businesses to let them know about empty lots near their property that need cleaned up. In response, the owners of the Dog Spa and Two Bunch Palms Resort put in a request for assistance, and got it..

The lot across from the Dog Spa is now free of litter and debris and the lots leading up to Two Bunch Palms Resort is litter free. The crews started at 8 a.m.with the rolls off bins stuffed fullby 11 a.m.

Also part of the team is Jesus Marquez, Michael Burke, Bob Ornelas, several younger volunteers, and Community and Cultural Affairs Commissioner Joe McKee.

“Desert Valley Disposal has been very generous,” said Sanchez. “They have really answered the call with large roll off dumpsters.”

Each dumpster had been filled to the brim with Desert Valley Disposal providing both the roll-offs and a flatbed truck to haul tires and electronic equipment.

The team plans to continue this project for the next few weeks. The next task will be to cleanup lots around sections of Palm Dr. Any citizens wishing to volunteer please call Adam at 760-464-3333 or Joe at 760-671-4150.