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Daring One Man Show On The Gay Life Done With Music And Lyrics

Jack Lyons Theatre & Film Critic
Jack Lyons Theatre & Film Critic

For the next four weeks, The Desert Rose Playhouse is presenting the world premiere of “Musical Comedy Whore”, the personal tell-all production concerning the “gay lifestyle” of writer/actor/singer and riveting entertainer David Pevsner.  “Musical Comedy Whore”, directed by Randy Brenner, is the autobiographical bucket list of all things sexual by a part-time gay hustler. The material is edgy, visually graphic in it’s telling (f-bombs abound) and in its descriptive moments.  It leaves no doubt that the subject matter is definitely for an adult audience.  It’s best to leave grandma and the kiddies (maybe even Grandpa, as well) at home for this unvarnished and unflinching peek into Pevsner’s childhood and his adult adventures of growing up gay in America.

Forewarned is Forearmed.  However, when viewed within its context, “Musical Comedy Whore”, is not as prurient, sexy, or as self-serving a show as straight audiences might imagine.  The audience, both gay and straight, is listening to the life story of a man who passionately bares his soul because he believes in honesty.  A man who is comfortable in his own skin, and non-judgmental about the skin of others.  I also believe gay people and straight society feel the same way when it comes to honesty.   It’s a matter of knowing who you are, and believing in that truth that makes the knowledge very liberating – whatever one’s sexual orientation may be.

desert_rose_playhouseThe cast consists of Pevsner and his musical accompanist Patrick Karst (whom you may recognize from his piano performing gigs at Spencer’s Restaurant, in Palm Springs).  Together they present the road less traveled with a 90-minute show, punctuated with moments of laughter as well as moments of poignancy.     Also, it’s the music by a host of recognizable composers, sharply underscored by the clever lyrics of actor/storyteller David Pevsner that drives the edgy narrative of his performance.

Director Brenner wisely steps aside after creating his personal vision for the show and lets his talented star, monologist Pevsner, do his thing. At one point in the evening, I was reminded of the famous line from the movie “All About Eve”, delivered by Bette Davis… “Fasten your seat belts… It’s going to be a bumpy night”.  It may not be a bumpy night, but it is definitely an eye opener for some straight people, and it might even be an evening of introspection for others in the audience.  Remember, “honesty” in all its aspects of life is the leitmotif of the production.   Regardless of your personal orientation, it’s a terrific performance by David Pevsner.

Director Brenner and his creative team led by Lighting Designer Phil Murphy and Stage Manager Steve Fisher, bring a professional quality to the intimate 88-seat theatre that serves the LGBT community of the Coachella Valley.

“Musical Comedy Whore” runs at the Desert Rose Playhouse, at the Commissary, in Rancho Mirage, CA through June 16th.  Call760-202-3000 for tickets and reservations.

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