Coachella Fest 2013

Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Coachella Fest 2013 finally arrived on April 14-16 with a lot of anticipation by all the fans. Tickets sold out in hours and hotel rooms were filled all over the Valley. Concerts like this are also a big camping experience and people keep coming back year after year. The concert grows bigger each year with more space and close to 90,000 people attending.

Those who make it for the first time are so excited with the whole venue. There are 6 stages for the bands and singers. There is a group of diverse music for everyone and a place to see them. Everywhere you go there is music coming from one stage or another. There was about 100 groups performing.

Fans walk around with food from the vendors and refreshments. The weather remained high in the 90’s but fans didn’t seem to mind. They could bring in an empty water bottle and get it filled at water stations. There is a station for charging cell phones , etc. Artwork abounds throughout the grounds. There is a Ferris wheel for those wanting an extra thrill.

Fans can get pretty close to the stage and there are 2 large video screens on the stages so even the people in the back can see the artist. All the stages are filled with performers all day long. There is even a place for autographs during the day where you can meet the artist up close.

Fridays performers included some top names like the Blur, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Tegan and Sara, Jurassic 5 and so many more throughout the day starting at noon and the last band goes on stage at midnight. No wonder people and bands come from all over the world for this concert.