City Manager of DHS Rick Daniels calls it quits!

City Manager Rick Daniels

Honorable Yvonne Parks, Mayor,

This letter is to notify you that I will be leaving the City in early September to pursue other opportunities in either the private of public sector. I have been fortunate, honored, and humbled to have served the good and decent people of Desert Hot Springs and their City Council. I will work with you to assure a smooth transition.

Over the last 6 years much has been accomplished in Desert Hot Springs under your Council’s leadership; Street and Parks Improvements, Downtown Renovation, Graffiti Removal, Community Health and Wellness Center, Local Business Prosperity, New Business Recruitment, Workforce Development and the soon to be completed Borrego Family Health Clinic. Equally important is that the public is safer today because of the major improvements to the City Police Department and their proactive approach to community policing and crime fighting since “Operation Falling Sun”.

In public service one only hopes that as one departs, the community is better off and progress towards their community vision has been initiated. Under your Council’s leadership and the administrative support that the management team has provided, that progress is evident. Desert Hot Springs’ brightest days are ahead of it as it moves closer to the “Shining City on the Hill” to which your leadership has been aiming.

Joyce and I have made many friends in the community that will last a lifetime. It is with  mixed emotions that I move on with my career. Thank you for the opportunity to have served as your City Manager.

Respectfully and optimistically,

Rick Daniels