APOLLO 14 Space Mission remembered at the Palm Springs Air Museum

Mitch Blumberg, Major General Ken Miles, Karen Miles, Ed Mitchell and Michael Batillo
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The APOLLO 14 Space event was held at the Palm Springs Air Museum on November 16th. The International Opera Institute and Desert ARC sponsored this event with former astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell SC.d. in attendance. Mr.Mitchell was the pilot on the Lunar Module on OPOLLO 14. Mitchell posed for photos with guests next to a replica of a man in a space suit. Teachers came to meet Mitchell so their next classes would be about space and moon walks. One parent brought his grandson to meet Mr. Mitchell so he could shake the hand of one that had been on the moon.

Dr.James Hansen, NASA historian and author of the BIO of Neil Armstrong was a the Guest Interviewer of Mr.Mitchell. Hansen asked Mitchell about his time in space and of his views of the NASA Programs and the future. Retired Major General Ken Miles and his wife Karen also made appearances at this party. Several local dignitaries and politicians came to meet Mr. Mitchell and support these charities.

All proceeds went to Desert ARC and the International Opera Institute. Desert Arc provides opportunities for people with disabilities in the Coachella Valley.

Patrick Evans gave the introductions and the presentation of Colors by the Palm Springs High School ATJROTC program. Rose Kingsley gave the patriotic tribute followed by the interview of Mitchell by Hansen.

There was a BBQ buffet as guests arrived. A woman in a metal skirt that held glasses of wine roamed the area. White chairs were put in rows in front of the stage with planes in the background. An APOLLO 14 Space Opera was performed by very accomplished professional singers. The opera was lead by composer David Meckler with the final song, God Bless America being sung by Michael D’Angelo and the Ensemble of singers.