Americas Got Talent Live at Fantasy Springs Resort Spa Casino

Knichi Ebina~photo Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Americas Got Talent Live Tour arrived at Fantasy Springs Resort Spa Casino on Oct 25th. The favorite Americas Got Talent TV show brought 6 of the top 10 winners to the stage. Millions of people have followed the journey of these acts trying to win the million dollar prize.

The program started with a finalist rapper, Anthony Grander singing his one signature song,B doubleO TY. The Kristef Brothers wowed the crowd with their hilarious antics while doing some fantastic acrobatic moves. They’re amazing athleticism have them showing their physical prowess by one balancing the other with one arm and sometimes with no arms or hands.

Runner up comedian Taylor Williamson had the audience laughing at his dry humor. He has a way of making being a nerd into something so funny.Singer Cami Taylor played the piano and sang “Loving You,” a song on her new album. Country star Jimmie Rose sang and played his guitar that thrilled country music fans. Rose has just the right voice for country music and his boyish looks makes him a fan favorite.

Magician Collins Key took audience members on stage for his tricks. He threw t-shirts into the audience so his picks to be on stage were chosen at random. He asked them to say a few words which he put on twitter. Key then took a box from the ceiling and pulled out a list of all the things the people had said. Miraculously those words were already written down in that box and he is only 17.

Cami Bradley and Jimmy Rose did a duet where he played the guitar and she played the piano and they sang in harmony. Their voices blend very nicely.

The Million Dollar winner was Knichi Ebina who thrilled the crowd with his dance moves. He turned his hand completely around and the audience gasped. He moves around the stage with little effort and at one point did an Elvis impression with the moon walk. His amazing act is so, one of a kind. He is genuinely creative in every act he performs.

This was a real treat to see these contestants for real on the stage after watching their rise to stardom on the AGT TV show week after week. Maybe these young talented stars will someday become very well known in their fields. The audience got to see them before they become so