Allene Arthur “Happy Birthday”

Phyllis Eisenberg, Diane Marlin Dirkx and Janet Newcomb
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

Allene Arthur, columnist and society writer celebrated her 90th birthday. She puts out a weekly column and still has the spirit of one much younger and of course she doesn’t begin to look her age. Almost 100 friends and family came to celebrate with her at the Seven Lakes Country Club on December 18th. This luncheon was hosted by Robin Montgomery and sponsored by many of her friends.

Allene’s column runs every Sunday in the Desert Sun and just like the postman it runs, rain or shine. She has an uncanny wit when it comes to writing about celebrities. Her columns are always interesting and different each week. A tribute to a true writer. She has written close to 2500 columns since she started writing for the Lajolla Light to the present at the Desert Sun.

Her son Tim acted as Emcee and introduced several speakers. Bruce Fessier has worked with Allene and told funny stories about the times they worked together at the Desert Sun. Another speaker was Stewart Weiner who also had the pleasure to work with Allene. Hostess Robin Montgomery and Betty Francis both spoke about their times with Allene. Her Son and Daughter gave tribute to their mother by telling about their childhood to the guests.

Guests arrived at the luncheon and waited for Allene to arrive. This gave them time to socialize with each other before lunch was served. Guests were asked to write something about how they knew Allene instead of gifts. Dessert was the big birthday cake that had a replica of one of her columns on top as the decoration.
The final speaker was Allene as she thanked all who came to the luncheon for her Birthday. She told stories in her own style and had everyone laughing. A fun day for a birthday party.