2013 Humana Challenge Golf Tournament

Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The 2013 Humana Challenge Golf Tournament brought a lot of excitement to the Valley. 17 Celebrities in the field brought fans and celebrity watchers to the tournament. President Clinton had a presence at the tournament on Thursday but did not play. He had a commitment to be in Washington for the Inauguration of President Obama. He said he will be here for all 5 days next year.

The leader for most of the tournament was Scott Stallings. Other golfers were creeping up to his minus score on Sunday. Sunday the final day brought many changes in the scoreboard. The final hole 18 was the undoing of several golfers. There ended up being a 3 way tie for the win. The golfers were Brian Gay, Charles Howell III and David Lingmerth. All three came from way behind in the field. Longmerth hit his ball in the water on 18 which left only Gay and Howell playing number 10 to break the tie. Howell put his shot in the bunker and Gay just off the green. Gay won the tournament and won 1,008,000 Million dollars.

Legendary PGA Golfer Gary Player was on hand for the winners celebration. Player was talking with press when he stated that Gay won more today that he did in all his many career winnings maybe 10 times over.

Brian Gay held a Q&A with the Press and said it hadn’t sunk in yet for his win. This is his 4th win on the PGA tour. The Clinton Foundation has partnered with the PGA for this tournament and has made a commitment to make it a focus on healthy eating and living to bring that message to the American People thru golf.

Celebrities in the field included sports stars Eric Dickerson and Marshall Faulk, Singers Alice Cooper, Don Felder and Michael Bolton, including local celebrity Carson Daly along with actors, comedians. Amateurs from around the world also played for 3 days, Thur, Fri and Sat. with Celebrities and PGA Pros.