The First Annual Beamer Awards in Palm Springs

Lucie Arnaz in center amid Dancers from the Maureen Robinson Dance Co. ˜photo by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The First Annual Beamer Awards gala was held at the Annenberg Theatre in the Palm Springs Art Museum on Friday, March 8th. The inaugural recipient of the Beamer Award was Lois Horvitz. Jerry Moe, VP and National Director of the Betty Ford Center Children’s Program presented the Award. President of the Betty Ford Center Foundation John Boop greeted the guests.

A video presenting Beamers World, a new concept to help children of parents addicted to alcohol and drugs. Beamer is an animated character that looks like a light bulb boy whose bulb changes colors as his emotions change from sad to happy to guilt to anger and the many other feelings he has. It shows children that they are not alone and they are not at fault. They learn it is OK to talk to teachers and friends to find help with their feelings. The Betty Ford Center is hoping that this online Beamer,The Lightbulb Boy, character will reach world wide to help all children in this predicament. There are a series of Twelve Books to help with the struggles of children everywhere that are part of a home where addiction is prevalent.

Nationally there is one in three children that live with a family suffering from addictions. Betty Ford’s dream was that no child would ever be turned away because of an inability to pay. The Betty Ford Center recognizes problems children face with the Children’s Programs. 13,000 children and family members have been helped thru the Children’s Program in the last fifteen years.

Entertainment was provided by Lucie Arnaz, daughter of Lucy and Desi Arnaz. She put on a great show with her anecdotes about her family and a video showing her marriage of 33 years to actor Laurence Luckenbill. She has this fabulous voice that can sing almost every kind of song. She closed her act with her Dad’s favorite song and one that her mother sang in her first stint on Broadway. Lucie Arnaz has a amazing career that includes TV, Broadway and Movies. A buffet dinner catered by Spencer’s Restaurant followed her performance.