Week two: Palm Springs Modernism Week

Hot Purple Energy Allstars Band ~photo Pat Krause

Vendors inside huge tent ~photo Pat Krause

Modern Expo, Matthew Bechstein, Jim Gazan and Brian Rix ~photo Pat Krause

Robert McCannaughey, shopper, Ann Norwood and Chris Mobley ~photo Pat Krause

1966  Trailer with awning ~photo Pat Krause

1960's trailer ~photo Pat Krause

Early Pickup Campers ~photo Pat Krause

1964 motorhome ~photo Pat Krause

1936 trailer,, metal covering replaced in 1948 ~photo Pat Krause

Double decker bus ~photo Pat Krause

Luca Brammer in a new Pre-fab Home ~photo Pat Krause

Louis LaForce, Helen Potts from Airstream and Judy LaForce inside a new 2013 Airstream Trailer ~photo Pat Krause

Story and photos by Pat Krause

Story and photos by Pat Krause

Palm Springs Modernism Week was held from February 14 thru the 24th. A list of events were published every day from bus tours to parties to shows and lectures. This much awaited event brings art and architecture to a high level with both old and new styles at the forefront.

Bus and walking tours to see all the different designs of architecture were almost everyday. There were artists receptions at many of the local Palm Springs Galleries. Bus tours were on a double decker bus which are rarely seen here in the desert. The opening night brought the 30’s styles to the modern day culture. Lectures were for those interested in the various forms of architecture thru the decades.

Showcases included art, clothing, buildings, airplanes, cars and trailers. The Vintage trailer and Pre-fab show was held at the Hilton Parking lot in Palm Springs. Several styles and sizes of new Pre-fab homes were on display along with solar capabilities for them.Trailers being shown went from the early kinds in 1930’s to new 2013 more modern trailers. Some were pickup campers and motorized RV’s. These brought back memories to those that lived in a trailer or motorhome traveling the US.

People really enjoyed seeing the early trailers and how each had its own creativity for living the lifestyle of the nomad. All the necessary conveniences were introduced in each model. Vendors showing all the contemporary items were in a large white tent in the parking lot. Vendors sold textiles,furniture,solar,outdoor items and even homes by builders.

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