“Unfinished Song” closing movie of the PSIFF

Ingrid Boulting, Terrance Stamp and Helen du Toit ~photo Pat Krause

Terrance Stamp ~photo Pat Krause

Jack Lyons, Louise and Alf Killinger and Jeannette Lyons ~photo Pat Krause

David Henry, Bob & Susan Schwartz and Udo Kier ~photo Pat Krause

Mitch Bloomberg and Stephanie Fox. photo Pat Krause

Jamie Houston and Sid Craig ~photo Pat Krause

David Rothmiller, Jamie Houston and L D Thompson ~photo Pat Krause

Bruce Ostrander, Charlotte Mennillo, Patty and Larry Spicer ~photo Pat Krause

Nelda Linsk, Lindell Campbell and Sarah Milmet ~photo Pat Krause

Story and photos by Pat Krause

Story and photos by Pat Krause

The closing nights film saw Actor Terrance Stamp arrive on the Red Carpet for the final Film, “Unfinished Song” on Jan. 13th at the Palm Springs High School. The acting in the film by Stamp and Vanessa Redgrave was superb. It is a poignant story about love and loss and had a very emotional twist to the film where many dabbed the tears from their eyes. The story is about a man whose wife has cancer and loves to sing with her friends at the local senior center. She passes away and the story continues with his rebirth as a man alone and how he finds the joy his wife had singing with her friends.

There was an closing night after party at the Hyatt Hotel in Palm Springs with many buffet tables, drink stations and a DJ playing music for dancing to accommodate the many ticket holders that arrived. There was valet parking for those that didn’t want to park a ways away. Hundreds of people attended this final gathering of the Palm Springs Film Festival.


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