The Bengals Get a Home!

Karen Bell (with Daewon the cat), her husband, and two sons gave the bengal cats a new home.

Adult cats are among the hardest animals to adopt out from animal shelters; cat lovers usually want to bring home kittens. This means adult cats spend more days in our animal shelter than dogs, puppies and kittens.  So it stands to reason we get excited when one of our grown felines gets a home.

Even more exciting is the adoption of two adult cats to one family!  Daewon and Quan, our 10-year-old Bengal cats, were brought to Animal Samaritans following the death of their owner, who had raised them since they were kittens.

Coming to the shelter was a foreign and somewhat frightening adjustment for bengals. Because they were older cats, we thought they might live out their lives with us.

Thankfully, we were wrong.  Thank you Karen and family for giving the bengal cats a wonderful, new life!

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