Palm Springs 2013 Gay Pride Parade

Story and photos by Pat Krause
Story and photos by Pat Krause

The annual Gay Pride Parade had almost 170 entrants this year. There were hundreds of parade participants and a lot of large floats. The groups made up of a lot of Gay, Lesbian and straight people. Bands played and flags and banners were in front of a lot of the groups.
Dancers were on the street and in the floats. People in the parade handed out candy, necklaces and brochures.

Thousand of people wait for this yearly parade and line both sides of the street along the whole parade route which started at Baristo Road. People came early with chairs so they could get a front row seat. A few people got on the second story of some of the businesses
to get a more birds-eye view. Even some of the people watching the parade decided to dress up a bit and wore many strands of bead and rainbow colors.

A group of local motorcyclists started the parade. Adopted dogs were walked by their new owners and kiddies in strollers were also seen on the parade route. Local politicians rode in limos and fancy dressed men would be seated on the back seat of the limo. Couples walked with
banners telling about how long they had been together and many were newlyweds and told of how long they had been married also with placards.

One group was decked out in colorful long balloons like long feathers on their backs. Cheerleaders and Miss Pride Parade from Las Vegas came with her feather clad men. Leather and skimpily clad men along with men in drag are such a big part of the parade. Student groups from local schools came together for this event. This years Grand Marshall was Ross Mathews,