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EU keeps close eye on French gypsy expulsion

People from the Roma community stand along the road after they are expelled by riot police from their camp.(AFP Photo / Philippe Huguen) Courtesy

EU and human rights groups say they are monitoring closely how France dismantles mobile camps across the country and removes hundreds of gypsies, to ensure Paris’s actions are consistent with the Union’s rules on the free movement of people.

Throughout the week police have broken up camps around the country, including areas in Lille, Lyon, Paris, Marseille and others. Over 200 gypsies, also called Roma, have been deported to Romania in a move – the government says – motivated by health, sanitation and security.

“We are monitoring the situation,” European Commission spokeswoman Mina Andreeva told Reuters, as the actions come under close scrutiny from the EU.

The Commission in charge of imposing EU treaties has requested further information from the French authorities on the expulsions to ensure they are being conducted in compliance with EU rules, she added.

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One Response to EU keeps close eye on French gypsy expulsion

  1. Lika

    August 11, 2012 at 12:01 pm

    Nazification of the Global Society
    The authoritarianism of most countries in the world are creeping up in rapid speed. Your new mother and father are going to be the government. Look at France, the Roma’s (Gypsy) have been in Europe for hundreds of years. Hitler-Nazi-Reich, killed them in the thousands. All the signs are so familiar to me; my own family experienced it. Nobody believes it, until it is too late. Wake-up people, this threat is around the corners, and our freedom is on the line.

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