AnSams Rescue its 2,000th Animal

Jeff Brady and Jody Davidson of Pet Orphans of Southern California, and Animal Samaritans’ Adoption Alliance Rescue Coordinator Michelle Bergeron.

A shaggy, salt and pepper colored terrier and poodle mix with an injured leg became the 2,000th animal rescued by Animal Samaritans’ Adoption Alliance program. Animal Samaritans met Pet Orphans of Southern California, an animal rescue group based in Van Nuys, California, at the RIverside County Animal Shelter, on September 4th. Jeff Brady and Jody Davidson of Pet Orphans were excited to be part of AnSams’ 2,000th rescue milestone.

 The rescue event included 5 cats and 11 dogs. Three of the dogs, including the 2,000th rescue, were injured.  One was a pointer mix with trauma to the head; recently, a veterinarian was forced to remove one of his eyes. But the rescuers knew that going into the rescue.

 “We house up to fifty dogs and cats at a time in our private shelter,” said animal rescuer Jeff Brady.  “We often take the less desirable ones and hard to place animals too, those more likely to be put down.”

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